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Java edition vs Windows 10 edition | performance test | on a ...

Today we are going to find the performance difference between java editionand windows 10 edition of minecraft in a low spec computer without a graphic card,...

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Fun fact, Bedrock edition runs on C. Java edition creates a virtual machine that it runs java in. that's why. 2. level 1. LaBlaze127. · 2y. tick lag, fps lag, etc and pain. i play minecraft normally but when this happens, it makes me regret wanting to install java minecraft, no offense.

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Both versions of Minecraft support mods.That said, as the Java Edition has been around since 2010, versus the Windows 10 release in 2015, there are a great deal more mods available for the first ...

Minecraft Windows 10 VS Java Version: Which Should You Buy?

Objectively speaking, the quality of Java mode is higher than the standard of Minecraft Windows 10 mods. After all, the original edition of Windows 10 version was designed for mobile devices, so the modified scene will always be catching up.

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Here ends the battle of Minecraft Java vs Windows 10. We would suggest you to go with Java if you have a very decent PC to run Minecraft at 30 fps. If you struggle with fps then go with windows 10 edition since it has better optimization. If you’re redstonner then Java is the only option you should choose.

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In a certain way, minecraft Java is a BMW with full interior. You got internet-connection, a great radio, GPS, heat-warmers, electronical driving aids, etc. etc. Win10 MC is a stripped down racing car with no comfort, no extras and nothing that would make you want to drive it in your every day life. But it's 1mph faster than the BMW mentioned before.

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The Windows 10 version helps controllers out of the box without any difficulties or complications. Servers. Servers to both Java and Windows 10 versions are available; but, due to the Java version’s time and more players overall, the Java servers far outnumber the Windows 10 ones, and they are much better in most aspects. Functional differences

Minecraft Windows 10 vs Java version: Which should you buy?

The Minecraft Java version is more stable, has a larger community, and supports better maps, servers, and modifications that the Windows 10 version does not even come close to matching. The Minecraft Windows 10 version has some exclusive features, controller support, and allows you to play with other players who are playing from different platforms.